Migraine Care

Remedies and treatments

Most people that suffer from mild or moderate migraines have their own remedies to help cope with their migraines. Some take a hot or cold shower with a direct water flow to the area of the head the pain is coming from. Although some people the pressure of water from the shower head is to intense and causes more pain, therefore they may soak in a luke warm bath. A bath is also more relaxing and can help from the stress of the day. Some seclude there self in a dark and silent room with take a wet cloth to lay across the forehead as the rest there, this can also be more relaxing then a shower. For some people this is all the medicine they need, a simple home remedy.

If the remedies don’t help and your migraines are more severe or just won’t go away, the next step in treatment is over-the-counter medications. These medications are classified as abortive medications, basically over-the-counter pain medication. Some people find relief in anti-nausea medicines or diphenhydramine also known as benadryl Most doctors will try an abortive medication such as acetaminophen or paracetamol, aspirin or caffeine pills. These pills provide some relief and in some cases that is al they need, but in most cases the don’t have the strength for most migraine sufferers.

In some cases where migraine sufferers have been seen and diagnosed with recurring migraines by a physician, the physician will prescribe painkillers to treat their migraine attacks. It is recommended to try to avoid taking the prescription medication prescribed when a migraine attack is in it beginning stage for the possibility that it might not go passed the beginning stage and you can have your medicine for when you get a full migraine strike. However in most cases during the beginning stages the pain can be intense and be long lasting, in some cases this may last for many days. Another reason behind the recommendation to trying not to take the medication until it becomes necessary is because some people take the medication when they think its needed and then when a severe migraine attacks the medication prescribed becomes resistant. Although in some cases treating the migraine during this stage can abort it before it ever become to be a severe migraine and can even reduce attacks in the future. So it is recommended to try to treat this stage with over-the-counter medications and when necessary use the prescribed pain medication.

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