Migraines are caused by an imbalance of a chemical in your body. When the chemical is high, your blood veins shrink, but you don’t feel any pain from that. When the chemical is low, your blood veins swell, and cause pressure that can build up. Migraines are like head aches, only worse.

Just about anything can set off a migraine, light, sound, smells, and even some foods. When a migraine is about to hit you, there are very few ways to know. One way is through a premonition, which is where you feel weak, depressed or down, or reversed, where you find yourself with a sudden burst of energy.

Another way is called an aura, auras usually last about twenty minutes and can last through a migraine. Auras can be painful too and can cause you to be irritable and moody. Auras can also affect your vision for a small period of time, making it weaker, and even taking away your peripheral vision all together.

Migraines can get to be so bad in someone that they may have to seek out medical help. There are both over the counter drugs and prescription drugs that are used to help with migraines. Over the counter drugs include Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Motrin, and a few others.

Migraines are to be taken very seriously due to the fact that they can become dangerous for those who get them constantly. Every time you get a migraine there is pressure from the blood veins in your head. If the pressure gets to being too high, then a vein could bust and cause internal bleeding.

Some things that make migraines almost unbearable are light, sound, motion, smells, and even some colors. Migraines don’t go on a schedule either, and they can occur during the worst times such as at work, or at home when you have kids who need to be fed and watched after.

You can’t let migraines rule your life. There is medication, and for those who have extremely painful reoccurring migraines there is professional help as well.

A special type of sunglasses exists to help with migraines, and there are other treatments besides medication.

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