Natural Treatments for Migraines

There are treatments for migraines that have no drugs, no therapies, no doctors and most of all, no side affects. These treatments are known as natural treatments. Herbal teas and uniquely prepared foods can help cut down on migraines.

A commonly used herb for migraines is feverfew, which can be bought at a local gardening store. Many people use this herb and make a tea from it, or they burn it using it as incense. The natural treatments for migraines are a large number, and are the most used out of all the treatments for migraines.

They are safe, and have no side affects. How ever, while there are no side affects, there are small complications that can arise. Some natural treatments for migraines may not help everyone, and there are some cases where using a natural treatment during a certain stage of the migraine can actually increase the migraine instead of decreasing it.

This is a rare problem though and easily treated by using a different type of natural treatment. Another way to use natural treatments is by crushing up different healing herbs and putting them into a bath, then just sitting in the tub breathing in the aromas.

Although natural treatments are sometimes looked down on by doctors and scientist, they are still around today for a reason; they are around because they work. Some of the more common natural treatments are teas, baths, incense, and small bags filled with herbs that can be heated in a microwave or put into a freezer then applied where the pain is.

Some people even use the old trick of putting a cold rag on their forehead, and then placing their feet into a small tub of warm water. With all the natural treatments, it is a wonder that drug treatments are still used. A natural treatment has no side affect, and is perfectly safe.

The only real problem you would have to watch out for is allergic reactions to herbs.

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