Rebound Headache

Don’t let the simplicity of the term ‘rebound headache’ fool you! A rebound headache isn’t just an ordinary headache, or even a particular type of headache. It’s an actual syndrome. Rebound headaches occur almost daily, and the sufferer experiences pain on both sides of the head.

Often, they may feel like something is being painfully tightened around the head. Sensitivity to both light and sound are almost always present, and the person may feel tenderness or tension around the neck and shoulders. Rebound headaches most often occur in people who suffer from migraine headaches.

Migraine headaches often start occurring more regularly, and the headache actually changes into something resembling a tension headache. On the other hand, milder migraine headaches may worsen and occur more frequently, causing rebound headaches, but in most cases, the sufferer will notice more tension headaches more often, and fewer migraine headaches.

Many doctors do not recognize the symptoms of a rebound headache, instead misdiagnosing it as migraines or tension headaches. The cause of rebound headaches is unknown, but many scientists believe that the simple act of taking headache medication on a regular basis may be the cause, especially headache pain reliever that is purchased over the counter.

This creates a problem for those who suffer from any type of headache regularly. We are told that the sooner we start treating a headache, the sooner it will pass, but in order to reduce the risk of rebound headaches, we are told to not take more than ten doses of headache pain reliever within a thirty day period. For regular headache patients, this literally means they must pick and choose which headaches to treat, and which ones to suffer through!

The only known cure for rebound headaches is to stop taking the medication that is contributing to them. This of course means that the headaches will get worse and last longer before they get better and go away. Often times, a doctor who recognizes rebound headaches for what they are will stop all pain relieving medications and prescribe anti-depressants to treat the headaches, allowing the patient to get past the rebound stage.

Of course, it’s always better to prevent the headaches from occurring than it is to try to cure them once they appear. Rebound headaches can be prevented by controlling stress factors, reduction of the use of pain relief medication, regular exercise, avoiding certain foods that may trigger headaches of any type, and avoidance of excess light. Many doctors recommend wearing sunglasses that are especially made to help prevent headaches, such as those found at Trigger Optics ( ).

In some cases, the pain of a rebound headache is so severe that the patient may need to seek the services of a headache or pain clinic. Here, several types of treatment are brought together all at once to help prevent or cure rebound headaches.

Curing rebound headaches is actually quite difficult, simply because the very medicine that one takes to cure a headache is the very thing that is causing the rebound headache – leaving no options for the average person to treat the pain of any type of headache. This can become very frustrating, which in turn makes the headaches even worse.

If you feel that you are suffering from a rebound headache, you should seek treatment from your health care professional, or seek out a headache or pain clinic for a solution and treatment. How quickly rebound headaches can be treated and cured depends greatly on how soon it is diagnosed as a rebound headache, as opposed to other types of headaches where the medicines that cause rebound headaches are used or prescribed.


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