Side Affects of Treatments for Migraines

Side affects vary from treatment to treatment, but most treatments share the same side affects. The main problem with treatments today is the number of side affects they have. Treatment for migraines is no different; there are drug side affects, therapy side affects, and even a few side affects that have not been brought to light yet.

The most common treatment for migraines is the drug treatment, it is not time consuming, it is easy to use, and normally all it takes is about fifteen seconds of your time. The problem with drug treatment is the numerous amount of side affects there are.

If you have ever read the back of a over the counter medicine bottle, you will see a small list of side affects that the drug has been know to have. The problem with this list is that it is not the full list. There are even such side affects as death and or severe damage to the nerve system, but you will rarely see that on the back of a bottle.

The problem with all of this is that no one is out there telling you what all can happen if you use the drugs. Without that some one you are basically sitting there not taking medicine, but gambling on your own health just to get rid of a migraine that might not even call for medication.

People don’t see it that way how ever, they think that just because it has been known to have side affects doesn’t mean that they will suffer from them. A side affect doesn’t just choose someone to hit, it is a random occurrence that affects who ever it can when given the chance.

Other treatments that include side affects are therapeutic treatments, such as acupuncture and electromagnetic shocks. While electromagnetic shock can help lower the amount of migraines you get, it does not how ever permanently clean your self of never having another migraine again.

With all the different side affects out there it is hard to know what treatment to use for your migraines. By researching each drug your wanting to try to reduce migraines, you can ferret out the ones that have such side affects as death or severe damage to the nerves or brain.

Knowing the side affects keeps you safe from them and can help you decide what treatment for migraines you

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