Sun Effects On Migraines

Sun can cause dehydration

Being out in the sun heat producing rays may cause dehydration if you don’t keep hydrated. Dehydration is one of the most common triggers of migraines. Keeping fluids in your body to keep from dehydration plays a very important role in preventing migraine headaches. If you’re planning on being in the sun for long periods at a time you may want to pack bottled water or lemonade instead of summer favorites such as tea, or sodas. Knowing what ingredients are in there beverages that you are drinking may be vary helpful due to the fact that many beverages have high contents of caffeine, sugars, or sugar substances such as aspartame which all are triggers for migraines for some.

Be aware of the suns consequences

Summer is one of the worst seasons for triggers causing summer to be enemies to people that have migraines. This doesn’t necessarily mean to seclude yourself indoors, but you can try to avoid some of the triggers that summer brings. Such as the suns violet rays that may bring sensitivity to light that triggers migraines, you can use protective eyewear, use a hat that prevents the rays from coming in contact with your eyes, some people use umbrellas. And if one of your triggers is sensitivity to heat, you may take s pray bottle containing water to mist yourself every so often. Sometimes its best to schedule your summer event later in the day when the sun produces less heat, this will help with sensory triggers.
Eye protection

During the summer the UV rays are the most harmful for your eyes. It is best to find and invest in a good pair of sunglasses. Polarized lenses helps prevent the glare and shattered light fragments; also by selecting good sunglasses that have optical lenses are better because they help with distortion. Even sunglasses can’t avoid all of the suns rays, example sun may come in from the top of your glasses; again this is where a good hat may give better protection.

Sensitivity to smells and
If strong smells are a trigger but you have to use a sun block that properly blocks the sun from say a sunburn due to the fact the heat and pain from sunburns can also trigger a migraine, watch out for the sun blocks that have strong fragrances. There are several lines that carry fragrance-free products; these are your best choices to choose from.

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