Sun Risk Within Migraine Sufferers


Excessive exposure of the suns heat, will result in a rise in ones body temperature and a loss of fluids. Although this may occur with anyone, it is most common in babies and in the elderly. With high temperatures and humidity can trigger migraines in almost anyone. In a environment that has excess heat, the body produces sweat from diverting fluids from the blood. The more you sweat the more body fluids and salts are loss. This may result in dehydration and heat exhaustion; this is a very serious condition that may lead to a heat stroke. Some of the symptoms that of a migraine are the same as that of a heat stroke so be aware and keep hydrated. You may think it’s just a migraine and it may be, but it could be a stroke which is life threatening. These symptoms are most common with the temperature is above 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Symptoms caused by heat from the sun

After excessive heat from a long day in the sun can have several symptoms
Fatigue, exhaustion, excess sweating, cramps or spasms within the muscles, nausea and or vomiting, unable to maintain steadiness, sudden faintness and headaches.
Some or all of these may trigger a migraine so when your in the sun be aware and stay focused.

If these symptoms continue and are followed by symptoms such as shallow or fast breathing disorientation or confusion or even a seizure that is left untreated there is a stromg chance that s heat stroke may occur and within minute of a strong stroke you can be put in a comatose state, possible kidney or heart failure may occur, and if not careful these symptoms are often followed by brain damage or death.

What to do if symptoms from a migraine turn into symptoms of a possible stroke occurence ?
this can be treated easily, heat exhaustion is due to excess heat so find a resting place in a cool place such as am environment with an air-conditioned area. You should try to supply the body with fluids and salts that were lost. if in case that the symptoms continue and you suspect your can’t stop the symptoms and a heat stroke is about to occur, then heat he or she should be rushed to the nearest hospital as soon as possible to help prevent the worst from happening.

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