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Choosing the right pair of sunglasses to best help you.

The everyday basic dark tinted sunglasses don’t always block the UV rays. UV rays are powerful ray from the sun that can cause sunburns to the eyes. Sunburn to the eyes can trigger a migraine attack to occur. Some people taking medications can cause to eyes to be sensitive to UV rays and sunglasses that don’t protect you from UV rays can be more harmful. When buying sunglasses be sure the tag says protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Even sunglasses that have both UVA and UVB ray protection don’t eliminate all triggering light forms. If scattered or glared light is a trigger for your migraines then you should also get sunglasses that have Polaroid lenses. With all sunglasses you should check for any distortion, sometimes they may have not been properly molded or grounded. Check for the proper optical grade that suites you, if you wear glasses then you don’t want to grab any pair, this may effect your sight causing pain in your eye socket therefore triggering a migraine.

Another thing to look for is the framework. They make sunglasses in all shapes and forms, mainly to conform to the latest trends, just say you get a pair that is oval or heart shaped, these may work if the lenses properly cover the eyes and protects them from the UV rays that may trigger your migraine. Not saying not to use them, just saying that if you start to get a migraine you may want to get a pair that covers more of your eyes. Also in the frame work you need to make sure they fit freely, you don’t want a pair that is uncomfortable or to tight against the temples.

Just say you have a pair that is a little tight, this tightness can cause stress in the temple area and therefore causing stress triggers or maybe even a tension headache that triggers your migraine. If after you search for the best pair and your migraines persists due to light sensitivity you may want to consult a physician and get a prescribe pair that may be more suitable for your needs.

We are so confident in our product and your satisfaction we stand behind every pair.

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