The Sun and How it Effects Your Migraines

Migraines main triggers can be caused by the weather conditions and may vary from day to day and from person to person. Some triggers from the weather are often caused by rapid changes in temperatures which result in a number of physiological changes in the body.

These rapid changes in the temperature can cause your blood ph to shift which can cause improper balance in your body’s chemical balance which can trigger a migraine to attack. Also a change in barometric pressure can result in a migraine but is less likely to happen over other triggers.

Solar radiation and decreasing sunshine can be ones trigger to set off a migraine attack. In some cases falling pressure, rising humidity, high wind, and fluctuation in temperature were all found to be triggers in migraines. The sun is made up of three types of UV rays that include UVA, UVB, and UVC rays each type but of light some more than others but in all can be a major trigger to ones that suffer from sensitivity to light that causes his or her migraines.

Not only do the bright rays trigger migraines but excess exposure to the sun can cause fatigue which is also a factor in some people’s triggers. Trying to avoid ones triggers are a big part of trying to prevent migraine attacks from occurring. The sun and its rays make up a big part of ones days it is often hard to avoid it. Although there are some ways to help avoid the unavoidable and one way is to sleep during the day and get a night job, this helps with avoiding most of the days light, which this will be a big help to those that after a long day in the sun come home with migraines.

The other helpful way to avoid the unavoidable is to spend so money and get yourself a good pair of protective sunglasses. Protective sunglasses not only help prevent your trigger from triggering a migraine to occur, but is good for the health of your eyes. The sun is one of the most powerful triggers and if this is one of yours try to prevent your migraines with protective eyewear.

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