Therapy Treatment for Migraines

There is a type of therapy that you can try to cut down on the amount of migraines you get. There have been numerous studies about it and all of them have come back with good or even excellent responses to the treatment.

The patient is exposed to electromagnetic fields that pulse on the patient’s inner thigh. The common amount of treatment for this is one hour a day for five days.

You can choose how many weeks you want to take the therapy, but the common amount of weeks is two weeks of therapy.

Another type of therapy used for migraines is Acupuncture. Studies have been taken on this as well and it is shown that acupuncture helps lower the amount of migraines, and has the benefit of no side affects unlike drug treatments.

A major problem with Migraines is the loss of work, because migraines can become so bad that people will miss work because of them. Acupuncture also helps with this, in one of the studies; they put half the subjects on drug therapy, and the other half on acupuncture.

The people on drug therapy experienced side affects from the drugs, a great number of lost work time, and still experienced the same amount of migraines even after the treatment was over. The people who took the acupuncture had no side affects, had less days of work lost, and after the treatment was over, experienced little or no migraines afterwards.

Therapy for migraines is a safer way to go then drugs. You can not become addicted to these types of therapies, and there are no side affects. They react faster, and are shown to better improve conditions of migraine sufferers.

How ever, therapy is more time consuming then just taking a pill every morning, and it can be hard to get used to. The therapy is used for reducing migraines but in very few cases people have had to go back and go through the therapy in a shorter time then others.

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