Trigger Awareness

Why being aware of your triggers are important

Being aware of your triggers is a major part in tiring to prevent your migraine attacks. By knowing and understanding your triggers you can try your best to avoid that certain trigger or triggers so you will less likely to have an attack and help avoid the pain and suffering from a migraine attack.

There are so many triggers and vary from one sufferer of migraines to the next, your not always dealing with a single trigger but many triggers. This makes it even more different to determine which trigger you need to avoid, but being aware and knowing of the many triggers that may be the cause of your migraine you can try best to avoid them. All triggers aren’t always avoidable such as weather conditions and for the women menstrual cycles.

By knowing the triggers that can be avoided can be a great help to those who want to try to prevent the pain and suffering from which a migraine brings. Studies show that less pain and suffering through out life enhances the quality of ones life. By avoiding one migraine to the next doesn’t mean that your migraines are cured, but it does mean your condition is more manageable or controllable.

Possible triggers

For some people some foods trigger migraines, almost any food especially sweets can trigger your migraine. Example: lets say every time you eat corn you get a migraine you may try to go without corn to see if that is one of your triggers. For some people simply going without a meal can trigger a migraine. Sometimes skipping a meal is all it takes to trigger a migraine.

As said before for many women the menstrual cycle is a main trigger. Some women have migraines prior to the actual cycle, and in some cases women have the migraines through out there whole cycle.

Also in studies it shows that women that usually have migraines during there menstrual cycle after menopause there migraines stop. Another study shows that during a pregnancy, though not in all, brings out migraine attacks. This is most likely caused from stress or physical change in the body.

Environmental triggers as said before are hard to avoid, but the common reasons behind environmental triggers are the changes in the temperature, barometric pressure and even the humidity. Also altitude change may also bring on migraines.

Depression and or stress triggers are looked at due to your mental state of mind. In the past migraine sufferers were to be blamed for the condition, this was mainly in females due to the fact women were labeled as hysterical and sensitive women with headaches. In today’s studies migraines are defined as a neurological condition and migraine patients will no longer have people blame them for there condition they have no control over.

Many resources claim that the end of any stressful situation triggers a migraine. Some say when your body has had more than it can handle your body hits you with a migraine, basically letting you know that your body needs rest. This is not a scientific fact yet rest is a key factor in helping people with migraines.

Migraine Awareness Group: A National Understanding for Migraineurs also known as MAGNUM states and stresses that migraines are purely a physiological disorder and not a psychological one.

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