Various Migraines Triggers

If you suffer from migraine, no matter if it’s twice a year, once a month or daily, you may identify that certain things bring on your migraine faster than others. These are called many things such as precognitions, auras, headache signs, but all in one they are called triggers, because they “trigger” the migraine to attack or strike.

Everyone’s triggers vary from one person to the next and are just as unique as you are. In other words something that may trigger your migraine may not even affect the next person.

Triggers also are known to change and vary from migraine to migraine. One day your migraine can be triggered by say loud noises and the next migraine you have may be triggered by a strong smell that in some way disturbs you. This is uncertain why it varies and will never be entirely understood why this is. The only thing that is certain is that when a migraine strikes it is cause by a trigger, unknown or not. It is possible that they bring on a chemical change therefore causing a migraine headache.

Learning to identify all the possible triggers will help you identify which ones may or may not be causing your attacks. By learning to identify the triggers will benefit you by helping you possibly control your migraines.

Once you can identify what may be triggering your attack, you can try to avoid that certain trigger. Seeing how you can’t always avoid triggers, identifying with the triggers can help you prepare yourself for a possible migraine. Here is an example: for some weather conditions are a trigger that causes migraines for some people and aware that that is one of your triggers you can have migraine medicine to help yourself through the symptoms for that particular day.

There are many over the counter medicines that can help you through your mild or moderate migraines. If your migraines persist and are extremely server you may need to consult a physician. The physician will want to know what triggers your migraine headaches and the conditions from one attack to the next.

To help yourself identify what may or may not be the triggers that set of your attacks, some people take records of the events, surroundings, and anything that may have been a trigger in a migraine or trigger diary. When you overview your past attacks and have the same things happen each time, such as weather conditions this will help you identify your possible triggers.

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